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Swedish guy impregnates 4 women during bachelor party! 9 months later - the local "new born this week"

Andreas Uttervall, you are pictured in four different photos with different babies and mothers. How did this happen?

~ Yes, it seems like they are all mine, so it's quite natural that I should be with them. But I understand what you are wondering. I am going to be totally honest - it was during a totally crazy weekend when it happened. Actually, it was during my bachelor party.. There where no marriage, obviously. I do not want to talk to much about it. At the same time: i understand that people will wonder, so I feel it is best to be honest about it - for the children's consideration.

The babies are all born pretty close, did you manage to attend all of the births?

~ I did actually attend all but one. It was the mothers that did the decision. All of them were fantastic experiences. The first birth was a little chocking, I cant recall to much. But with the last boy I was much more focused and helpful.

Are you friends, You and the children's mothers?

~ Well yes, kind of. We do all speak to each other.

How are you planning on distribute paternity leave?

~ I am going to get time with all of them, as much as I can. I have had a meeting with the authority about this and they have been very helpful.

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