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Love stories about monsters


love stories about monsters are THE BEST because the idea of conceptualizing love in a way that is not human and fundamentally cannot be human and is AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE LEVEL FROM THE HUMAN is so great. 

made better when one half of the relationship is human and suddenly we’re dealing with a) a human learning to love like a monster or b) a monster learning to translate their love into human terms and that’s

the best thing

to me.

which often goes hand in hand with MONSTER TRYING TO HUMANIZE THEMSELVES but that’s.. not necessary, don’t worry monster, you don’t need to do that. your capacity for love does not need to be whittled and softened into a human shape. it’s okay. your heart can be brutal and all consuming. you will learn to cope and you will learn to funnel it, pieces at a time, into something conceivable and measurable to the human mind. 

and i don’t strictly mean monster monsters because there’s room here for divinity (alpha and omega, first and last, holy terror OF THE HEART. apocalypses OF FEELING.) or ghosts, or non-human, non-monster outliers (superheroes, androids, idek), or even human beings who are self-made monsters and whose expression and understanding of love is two steps removed and two shades off. 

but, you know what i mean. 

love stories about monsters.


“monster trying to humanize themselves”

What about ‘human trying to monsterize themselves’? That sounds amazing. Oh my gosh.

Imagine a human gal and her minotaur boyfriend, and although their relationship is strong and they’ve been together for a while, he just keeps. On. Trying. To ‘be a real human’ for her. And it’s really frustrating to her because she knows he’s doing it because he loves her and his heart’s in the right place and he seems to be really earnest in his attempts to ‘better’ himself, but there’s only so many times you can watch your boyfriend struggle to put on a shirt and stumble as he tries to force himself to walk platigrade.

So one day he comes home from the Real Human Job he got in hopes of impressing her (it’s selling ice cream) to find that she’s completely rearranged all the furniture. At first he’s kinda mad, like, hey, why’d you do that?? but then he realizes she’s rearranged it all into- here’s the kicker- a maze, or one might even say, a labyrinth.

And he’s getting tentatively excited because it’s a labyrinth! Minotaurs love labyrinths and as he goes through it he gets happier and happier, but he’s also more and more nervous because oh man, is she okay? Did someone break in and do this to her? Is this a trap?

But then he sees her, right in the heart of the labyrinth, crouching over a heap of raw flesh and her arms and face stained with blood, and they don’t need to say anything to know that their love is beyond humanity and into the stories told around campfires.


i fucking love you sometimes

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