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Apprently today I’m in the mood to contradict widely believed myths about Kirk’s personality.

So this conversation establishes that a) Kirk was a book-smart nerd at the Academy (?!) and b) he was not a womanizer, but actually shied away from relationships—and then committed too fast and too far in his first serious one. Which, at the very beginning of the series, he finds out was a manipulated set-up. HeyI don’t know, maybe that’s gonna give him some intimacy hangups and affect his behavior with women going forward?

Basically I am out to prove that Kirk is a giant sweet nerd and all his flaws are due to being emotionally damaged by douchebags with tin-foil eyes and their lab-assistant floozie pawns.

(Also, as a grad student who teaches undergrads, I am here to tell you that undergrad Mitchell going to apparently great lengths to set his grad student teacher up with a woman is So Fucking Weird.)

Call Kirk a ditzy womanizing manwhore within my hearing and I will end your life painfully.

Seriously I will fucking organize a transporter malfunction like in the Motion Picture and it will be ugly.

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