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May 21 2017


Rations for various RPG Races



[[ Source. Original creator: wats6831. Additional information and images linked under each one. ]]



Homemade artisan herb bread, home grown and dried apples and prunes, uncured beef sausage, munster cheese. Made a small bag from cheesecloth and tied it closed.

Discussion thread here.



Garlic chicken livers, smoked and peppered cheese, spiced pork sausages, hard tack, dried vegetables, dried wild mushrooms.

Discussion thread here.



Top left to right: Evereskan Honey Comb, Elven Travel Bread (Amaretto Liquer Cake with custom swirls), Lurien Spring Cheese (goat cheese with garlic, salt, spices and shallots), Delimbyr Vale Smoked Silverfin (Salmon), Honey Spiced Lichen (Kale Chips), and Silverwood Pine Nuts.

Discussion thread here.



From upper left: “Honeytack” Hard tack honey cakes, beef sausage, pork sausage mini links, mini whole wheat toast, cranberry cheddar cheese mini wedge, mini pickles, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, lower right is my homemade “travel cake” muesli with raisins, golden prunes, honey, eggs and cream.

Discussion thread here.



Wrapped in cheesecloth and tied in burlap package. Forest strider drumsticks, molasses sweet wheat bread “black strap”, aged Munster, hard boiled eggs, mixed wild nuts.

Discussion thread here.



Orcs aren’t known for their great cuisine. Orcs prefer foods that are readily available (whatever can be had by raiding), and portable with little preparation, though they have a few racial delicacies. Toughs strips of lean meat, bones scavenged from recent kills, and dark coarse bread make up the bulk of common orc rations.Fire roasted rothe femur (marrow is a rare treat) [beef femur], Strips of dried meat (of unknown origin) [homemade goose jerky], foraged nuts, only edible by orcs….nut cracker tusks [brazil nuts], coarse black bread, made with whatever grains can be pillaged [black sesame bread], Pungent peppers [Habanero peppers stuffed with smoked fish and olives].

More images here. Discussion thread here.



Pan fried Delimbyr smelt, spiced goat cheese (paprika crusted hand pressed Fontina), Gnome shortbread (savory pistachio), glass travel jar filled with Secomber Red (wine), hard boiled quail eggs packed in rolled oats (to keep safe), dried figs from Calimshan, and Southwood smoked goat sausage (blood sausage).

More images here. Discussion thread here.



Lizardfolk are known to be omnivores, forage for a surprising variety of foods found within the confines of their marshy environs, in this case the Lizard Marsh near Daggerford. Fresh caught boiled Delimbyr Crayfish on wild chives, coastal carrageen moss entrapping estuary brine shrimp (irish moss, dried brine shrimp), Brackish-Berries (blackberries), Blackened Dart-Frog legs (frog legs) on spring sprouts (clover sprouts), roasted bog bugs on a stick!

More images here. Discussion thread here.



From top left: Menzoberranzan black truffle rothe cheese (Black Knight Tilsit), Donigarten Moss Snails (Escargot in shallot butter sauce), Blind cave fish caviar in mushroom caps (Lumpfish caviar), faerzress infused duck egg imported from the surface Realms (Century egg), Black velvet ear fungus (Auricularia Black Fungus Mushroom).

More images here. Discussion thread here.

Drow will also eat A Fucking Rock if it’s goth enough

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May 17 2017


17 DIY Ramen Recipes


This seasonal recipe is broken down into 6 simple steps, with everything cooking in the broth for maximum flavor. Add in a healthy dose of cabbage, spring onions, and hard-boiled egg, and you've got yourself a protein-packed, feel-good weeknight meal. 

Taking a cue from the OG Cup Noodles, these elevate the form to whole new heights. And with fan favorites zoodles, coconut oil, and all of the vegetables, these guys are a make-ahead meal you'll feel better after. 

We're definitely not farmers, yet our love for this farmer's ramen is no less. Loaded up with bitter greens (hello bok choy, hello kale), carrots, ginger, and leeks, this is the perfect dinner to balance out those office days when we're lucky to see a nutrient. There's a recipe for noodles from scratch, and if you're feeling ambitious, obviously go for it—but no pressure, store-bought is also acceptable. 

Ketchup isn't just for fries. Here the condiment plays surprisingly well with Worcestershire, soy sauce, and sriracha for a sweet, spicy, umami sauce. No shortage of flavor here. 

You no longer have to make the difficult choice between ordering Japanese or Thai food, thanks to this amazing Asian fusion dish. Made with plenty of veggies (like sweet potato, cremini mushrooms, and red peppers) and doused with just the right amount of peanut butter, your taste buds won’t know what hit 'em—but they will know that they like it, a lot.

We’re in love, we’re in love, and we don’t care who knows it! (With zoodles, that is.) A delicious gluten-free and low-carb alternative to regular ramen noodles, zucchini helps totally load this recipe with veggies. This one’s super easy to make vegetarian too: Simply sub tofu for chicken and use veggie stock in place of the chicken. 

The optional jalapeño slices give this one an unexpected twist, but don’t worry, it also has key staples like bok choy, scallions, shiitake mushrooms, and plenty of miso paste. Tip: Experiment with meats like pork and beef or vegetarian proteins like tofu to keep things interesting.


Another dish that brings out the best of both (noodle) worlds, this recipe is gluten-free and chock-full of healthy ingredients like shiitake mushrooms, and sweet potato. Bonus: Miso makes an awesome hangover cure, so drink away on those painful days.

Kimchi tastes great on its own, but tastes even better mixed in a bowl of piping hot noodles. Made with DIY kimchi (we love this recipe) or a store-bought variety, this meal is as easy to pull together as blending a smoothie. The toughest part is finding the ingredients, but most Asian speciality stores should have them—and we promise you’ll find plenty of reasons to use them again.

This recipe can be ready in half the time it takes to decide on dinner, order delivery, and wait for its arrival—ideal for those hangry nights when spending your life savings on delivery feels worthwhile. To bulk up the veggies contents, add ingredients like mushrooms, broccoli, and kale.

Basic isn't always bad, and this ramen is proof positive. Spinach, carrots, and mushrooms play nice (how could they ever not) in this quickie recipe, while freshly grated ginger and garlic get your sinuses flowing. Just what we look for in a soup, really. 

Even though instant noodles are often overloaded with sodium and lacking in nutrients, there’s something comforting about having a hot meal ready in less than five minutes. This recipe solves the insta-cup woes with DIY seasoning and plenty of healthy additions (baby spinach, carrots, and chicken or tofu). And best of all: You can pre-make these bad boys and store them in heat-safe jars. Is it just us, or did lunch just get way better?

How's this for a twist on chicken noodle soup? Sub chickpeas for the chicken, and ramen for the linguini, and you have a perfect vegetarian-ramen for cold winter nights. We love how the Mexican flavors (Mexican oregano, cilantro, green chilies, lime, and avocado) give this recipe a fun kick. 

14. Beef and Pork 

Bacon and eggs shouldn’t be limited to breakfast—though you can definitely replace your go-to morning meal with this recipe! Here, the crispy breakfast favorite tops a hot bowl of miso broth and ramen noodles, which is accompanied by a soft-boiled egg to create the ultimate combo of carbs, protein, and warmth. Tip: For the perfect soft-boiled egg, check out our handy egg hacks.

If your mouth wasn't watering by this far down on the list: Ready, set, go. This recipe includes easy-to-follow directions (only 30 minutes in the cooker) and it's packed with succulent braised pork, so it's both simple and delicious. 

With a prep time of 10 minutes and a pretty short ingredient list, this dish looks way more complicated than it is. Just throw this one the Crock-Pot in the morning, Instagram like you slaved over it, and watch the likes come in.

This one is packed with veggies (carrots, celery, green onions) and sliced steak. But if you think of it like turning on the stove and waiting, things get less intimidating. Hidden bonus: There's also some Sriracha tucked inside this brothy goodness.

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Pigeon Comic 44 - Under Pressure

Stay coo’, pigeon army.

via not language but a map
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May 16 2017

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NASA created retro travel posters for different locations in our solar system in hopes of inspiring young people to imagine a future where common space travel is a possibility. 


these are really important to me

behind this 100% where do I buy prints

These are free for download and print! The files are 20x30 inches. I plan on emailing this one to my local print shop.

Originally posted by thatjoeyfella

i have these on my wall, and i guarantee, they are SPECTACULAR (and yep, CC-licensed, so you’re good to print them locally)

We have these framed in our aerospace senior design lounge!


So gorgeous.


I really fucking love NASA for this.

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May 12 2017


When a colleague assigns me an urgent ticket

/* by Buck */

May 11 2017

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May 09 2017

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This isn’t mm,,, but I wanted to share this with u all because it made me laugh a Lot

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May 08 2017






experiment goal: to determine whether smarties are an effective tea sweetener

hypothesis: smarties will sweeten the tea, but also introduce unwelcome flavor profiles due to their flavoring

procedure: procured one cup (≈12 fl oz) of Barry’s Tea Gold Blend black tea, hot. added 2/3 of a single roll of smarties candy (10 candies). wait for candies to dissolve, then stir well. tea will be sampled after stirring concludes.

addendum: control group was used. control sample consisted of one cup of the same type of tea, sweetened with white sugar. results will depend on the relative tastes of the control and smarties tea

results: smarties tea was significantly more bitter and less sweet than sugar tea. additionally, the smarties failed to dissolve in the expected manner, and when stirred, ended up breaking down into particulates that refused to dissolve. 

conclusions: because of the chemical/structural makeup of smarties, they do not function well as an ad hoc tea sweetener because of their reluctance to break down. it may be the case that crushed smarties would work better, but this experiment was intended to study how normal, uncrushed smarties would work as a sweetener

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May 07 2017




what if magic was real but it was treated the way music is now with different genres and like “oh youre still into conjuring? thats cool I guess. recently ive been getting into third-wave post-necromancy, it’s some pretty heavy stuff”

“what do you mean you’ve never learned FIREBALL, it’s a CLASSIC”
“idk I’m not really into evocations.”
“how can you not be into ANY evocations?”
“well, it’s kind of dad magic, isn’t it?”

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What we really need is an adaptation of the original 1740 The Beauty and the Beast


So were you aware that the The Beauty and the Beast story we all know is a heavily abridged and rewritten version of a much longer novella by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve?  And that a lot of the plot holes existing in the current versions exist because the 1756 rewrite cut out the second half of the novella, which consisted entirely of the elaborate backstory that explains all the weird shit that happened before?  And that the elaborate backstory is presented in a way that’s kind of boring because the novel had only just been invented in 1740 and no one knew how they worked yet, but contains a bazillion awesome ideas that beg for a modern retelling?  And that you are probably not aware that the modern world needs this story like air but the modern world absolutely needs this story like air?  Allow me to explain:

The totally awesome elaborate backstory that explains Beauty and the Beast

  • Once upon a time there was a king, a queen, and their only son
  • But while the prince was still in his infancy, in a neat reversal of how these fairy tales usually go, the king tragically died, leaving his wife to act as Regent until their son reaches maturity
  • Unfortunately, the rulers of all the lands surrounding them go, “Hmm, the kingdom is ruled by a woman now, it must be weak, time for an invasion!”
  • And the Queen goes, “Well, if I let some general fight all these battles for me, he’ll totally amass enough fame and power to make a bid for the throne; if I want to protect my son’s crown, I have no choice but to take up arms and lead the troops myself!
  • (Btw, I want to stress that this woman is not Eowyn or Boudica and nothing in the way her story is presented suggests that she had any interest martial exploits before or in any way came to enjoy them during these battles.  This is a perfectly ordinary court lady who would much rather be embroidering altar covers for the royal chapel and playing with her child until necessity made her go, “Oh no, this sucks, I guess I have to become a Warrior Queen now” and she just happened to kick ass at it anyway.)
  • And the Queen totally kicked ass, but the whole “twice as good for half the credit” thing meant that no matter how many battles she won, potential enemies refused to take her and her army seriously until she had defeated them so no sooner would she fend off one invasion than another one would pop up on a different border.
  • So she spent the majority of her young son’s life away from the castle leading armies, but it was OK because she left him in the care of her two best friends, who just happen to be fairies!  This was an awesome idea because a) fairies have magic, and therefore are like the best people to protect the prince from any threats and b) fairies consider themselves to be so above humanity that the lowest fairy outranks the highest mortal, so they’d have no interest in taking a human throne.  Good thing they were both good fairies instead of one good and one evil one!
  • (Spoiler:  they were not both good fairies.)
  • So the two fairies basically take turns raising the prince until he’s old enough to rule.  And on the eve of his twenty-first birthday, the evil older one comes into the prince’s bedroom.
  • “So listen, kid.  You’re about to become king, your mother’s on her way home from the war to see you crowned, and I have a third piece of good news for you!  You see, I’ve actually been spending so much time here lately because Fairyland’s become a bit too hot to hold me for reasons totally not related to me being secretly evil.  And if I have to hang in the human world, I might as well reside in the upper echelons of it, so even though as a powerful fairy I completely eclipse your puny human status in a staggeringly unimaginable way, since you’re about to be king and since my premonition that I should stick this whole guardianship thing out because you would be hot one day has totally proved accurate (go me), I will graciously lower myself to allowing you to marry me.  Please feel free to grovel at my feet in gratitude.  (Btw, we can totally start the wedding night now, we’ll tell your mother about it when she arrives tomorrow.)”

Keep reading

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An old and homely grandmother accidentally summons a demon. She mistakes him for her gothic-phase teenage grandson and takes care of him. The demon decides to stay at his new home.

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May 06 2017

Play fullscreen


please watch this video solely because of how much this comment sums it up 

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Bee good to eachother.

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May 04 2017

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May 03 2017

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How Food Looks Before It’s Harvested.



Sesame Seeds






Brussel Sprouts






exactly 1 minute ago i had absolutely no idea what the plants sesame seeds and peanuts came from look like and i am shocked and surprised

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April 30 2017

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‘Cause people seem to only post the 20-something Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn was the granddaughter of a baron, the daughter of a nazi sympathizer, spent her teens doing ballet to secretly raise money for the dutch resistance against the nazis, and spent her post-film career as a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, winning the presidential medal of freedom for her efforts.

…and history remembers her as pretty.



this is the first time I have ever seen a picture of her older than 20 and I think that’s scary

Amazing woman

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April 29 2017

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Kylo Ren had a shitty deadbeat dad who decided to be a smuggler than be there for his kid and a mom who wasn’t a princess or a senator but a general. Kid probably grew up in a war zone. Safe to say his childhood was far from fucking privileged.

Anakin’s reaction to any adversity in his life is to murder every single man woman and child in his path and then blame entire groups of people for his problems. Wife gonna die in childbirth? Good enough reason to fucking murder a bunch of kids.

Kylo has so far on screen killed one person. Had great hesitation to do it. And frankly is an action I’ve thought about a bunch. I think kids of deadbeat dads have all thought about fucking killing your deadbeat dad.

All of your Kylo facts is actually fiction. Nothing you say here is supported by fact. Kylo Ben fans are tripping.

He also killed more than one person on screen. We saw him specifically murder Lor San Tekka and Han Solo on screen. Both unarmed old men.

We saw him order the slaughter of a village which had already been subdued. Every death that his troops caused in compliance with that order is on his head.

We saw him lead the invasion of two planets: Jakku and Takodana. The First Order is not a legitimate government of either planet. Any deaths that occurred during that invasion are on him too.

While he didn’t give the order to blow up the Hosnian system, (BILLIONS DEAD) he willingly assisted the people who did. Moreover, he willingly continued to protect the weapon when their victims attempted to prevent further use. Moreover, he knew it was being aimed at his MOTHER at the time.

He abducted a civilian woman and repeatedly assaulted her. He tortured her as well. He tortured an enemy combatant. He assaulted and attempted to murder a young man who had been enslaved by the First Order.

He is complicit in the abduction, indoctrination, abuse and enslavement of Finn and every other Stormtrooper. The movie makes it clear that he knows the nature of the program and does not object except to suggest clones would be more efficient.

Even if Kylo’s childhood was as described (which it was not, as proven by the Aftermath trilogy and Bloodlines) that is not a valid excuse for any of his crimes. And while I am not much of an Anakin sympathizer, the fact remains that, at this point in time, he has been established to have an objectively worse backstory, which is a valid basis to compare and contrast even though it does not excuse his crimes.

And in the end, Anakin still had to die for his crimes. He did not get a forgiven by everyone, happily ever after with his kids ending. The love he got from his son was still with the mournful understanding that the darkness inside of him was terrible and still his responsibility, not excused by his backstory. He wasn’t offered free forgiveness, he was challenged to be better because he’d established on a number of occasions he had a line he wouldn’t cross. “You couldn’t bring yourself to destroy me before.” is what Luke told him.

Kylo crossed that line. Kylo was furthermore offered several chances to at least establish a line by maybe taking Lor San Tekka alive (but he killed him), maybe just leaving the subdued and not a threat village (but he had them kill everyone), maybe ignoring the girl in the woods (but he kidnapped her), maybe turning the other way while Hux tried to identify the runaway stormtrooper (instead he identified him), maybe if not taking Han’s offer to go home just turning around and leaving his father alive (but he killed him) and he didn’t. Vader at least didn’t go out of his way to be more of an asshole than he had to to get the job done, Kylo enthusiastically threw himself into murder and mayhem, volunteering to go that extra step.

Anakin’s backstory isn’t what got him a redemption arc. It was the little moments when Vader was not entirely fucking evil. Not killing extra people, for example. It wasn’t his previous pain, it was that little tiny spark of goodness he very occasionally indulged, that Luke sensed when they connected minds, that saved Anakin in the end. Anakin’s horrible backstory is only there to explain why that little spark of goodness could still exist, because he was once a genuinely good person and he went to Hell on that path of good intentions, but he still had something that he valued enough that he could drag himself out of the Pit to save.

Kylo is specifically designed and presented as NOT valuing that same thing that Anakin valued. He wants to kill his uncle, he didn’t lift a finger to save his mother, he killed his own father. Desire for power had led Anakin down the Road to Hell, but we knew from the confrontations with Luke that that desire for power did not override his desire for family. Kylo has several lines that establish he wants to be as dark as possible so that he can attain and surpass Vader’s power level. In the movie, he kills his own father to achieve that goal. In the backstory of the movie, he’s establish to have destroyed his Uncle’s life to achieve that goal. During the movie he’s supporting the destruction of his mother’s life’s work to achieve that goal.

It’s got nothing to do with having a sob story and everything to do with WHY they want power and WHAT they will do to achieve it. Anakin wanted power to protect his family, and even after 23 years of darkness he was not willing to allow his son to die. Kylo is willing to kill his father and purposefully harm his mother and her brother to achieve power, and by all indications he wants it for his own vanity.

I think a lot of fans don’t realize or remember that when Vader’s arc came about, we didn’t KNOW Anakin Skywalker’s backstory at all.

All Luke (and the audience) knew, even at the end, was that Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi and a pilot, who at some point, for some reason, became a monster.

We didn’t have Revenge of the Sith to explain it until twenty years later.

The roots of Darth Vader’s redemption comes entirely from Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Vader was scary in A New Hope, and he hurt Leia and killed Obi-Wan.  But at that point in time, he was basically a faceless machine.  Cold, terrible, cruel.  But not personal or human.

In Empire, Vader is a terrifying monster who knowingly stalks and brutalizes his son while still furthering the Empire’s atrocities.  There’s no question about his evil.  But there is the faintest glimmer for hope in the way he’s reaching out for a connection to his son.

Unfortunately, because Vader is a monster, the only connection he can forge with him is monstrous.  But he is still trying.  He wants Luke to join him.  He’s offering him power WITH him.  In the warped and terrible way that Vader perceives the universe, that’s the closest he can come to love.

This is the first glimpse of Vader’s humanity that we get.  And while it’s terrible and monstrous, it’s all about wanting a connection with his son.

And that’s where the redemption moment becomes possible.  That’s what Luke is able to draw on later to save Vader from the Dark.  He uses the fact that Vader reached out to him for connection to offer that connection back.  But not the power exchange that Vader understands, but forgiveness and love.  And when the choice is before him, in clear, uncertain terms.  Vader takes that offering.

This doesn’t work for Kylo Ren, because we’ve seen Kylo Ren as a human all along.  The unmasking during Rey’s interrogation was deliberate.  It showed us that he wasn’t a faceless machine, but a man.

And that’s what destroys the chance of Vader’s redemption arc.  Vader’s a machine, whose sole glimpse of humanity is reaching for a familial connection.  But Kylo is a human man, with a human face, who is repeatedly offered that human connection all along.

Lor San Tekka tries to appeal to Kylo as a man, in his family’s name, citing his origin in the light, and gets murdered.

The Starkiller is aimed at the Resistance base, where Leia is sitting.  Kylo defends it.

And finally, of course, the most explicit: Han Solo begs Kylo to come home.  Reaching out to him, unarmed, crying.  And Kylo shoves a saber through him.

That’s why Kylo loses in this comparison.  It’s not a measure of evil deeds or sob stories.  It’s because he rejected what Vader chose to save.

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April 26 2017

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