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Paper on Monster Hunting and Population Dynamics in Puella Magi Madoka Magica


In this paper we present a design for a multiagent model of Heroes and Monsters that fight over a city population, in which the Monsters attempt to eat the city population and the Heroes attempt to oust the Monsters. With this model, we are able to investigate the effects of several different system parameters and variations in the environment, and how they each impact the health of the system. In this investigation, we will provide hypotheses of how we expect the system to react, and then will analyze the results which we observe, justify those results, and then discuss the implications of those results. This will allow us to evolve our hypotheses and be able to more accurately predict how our system will perform and what we can expect from our system in future experiments.


The inspiration for the project comes from the Japanese animation series Puella Magi Madoka Magica (1) . In this series the antagonist is an overseer for an alien energy collection system. The overseer recruits heroes to fight monsters, granting a wish to the newly recruited hero for the contract for magical power. The hero uses their new-found magic to fight monsters in return for that wish recovering their power with each monster’s defeat. The overseer neglects to mention a few key facts: the monsters are former heroes that ran out of magic power, the overseer collects a small amount of energy as each hero recovers their magic, and even more when the heroes transform into monsters. The entire system is set up to have heroes transformed into monsters, but not endanger the entire populace [1].

Tags: madoka paper

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