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Solid colour tights


I’ve never come across such a wide variety of colours in tights!
Here’s a link to their colour guide to help find the perfect shade.

These tights are AWESOME for cosplay.  I have a pair in one of the blues for Cteno, they’re surprisingly opaque and stand up pretty well to wear!!!  I imagine they’d be EXCELLENT for modding into arm covers too.

!!! i can’t believe i didn’t know about this store before now! i just looked on their website and besides this they also have lots of other tights & leggings in patterns (stripes, checkerboard, tie-dye) with just as many colors. and a lot of their styles have a plus size version as well. looks like a really good place.

They also carry dancewear, fishnets and men’s tights. I love this site so much. It is really reliable

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