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June 04 2015


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May 30 2015


Anime food according your zodiac sign


























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May 17 2015


May 06 2015

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May 02 2015

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Your honor! Please direct your attention towards the manga.


As you can see there are small pieces of paper sticking out of every volume.


But no such paper is sticking out of the Batman comic.


The reason? The Batman book doesn’t belong to the library. The photographer put it there to take a picture.


Once again making hasty assumptions, Wright?


First of all, I’d like to direct the court’s attention to this particular spot, in the top right-hand corner.


Notice how the words are blocking the top of the Batman book.


With this in mind, how can you claim that there is “no such paper sticking out of the Batman comic”?!


Say whaaaat?


Well uhm


Look at the size of the paper pieces, they’re all sticking pretty far out.


If there was paper in the batman comic, it would be big enough to stick up over the text.


And while gravity does exist, it probably won’t make the paper do a 90 degree turn and just lean horisontally left at the middle.


Still grasping for straws, Wright?


Hypothetically, if there were a paper there, this picture would not be able to prove its presence. I’ve taken the liberty of drawing a diagram to illustrate my point. We are faced with three possibilities. It is possible that (1) the paper was simply tucked in deeper than the others.


Paper is a soft material, Wright. It’s not unreasonable for it to do a (2) 90 degree turn. 


Or perhaps, (3) a paper does not exist there at all. 

Either way, you cannot prove your client innocent without sufficient evidence.  


Which, of course, is impossible thanks to the obtrusive words.


I’m sorry Edgeworth.


I concede that I can’t disprove theory 1


But the image you submited for theory 2 is contradictory.


Look at the tilt of the other papers. They clearly prove how much the paper would tilt.


And theory 3 is my point! Why would the library’s book not have this piece of paper when the other library books do?


While you still have thory 1, there is another contradiction.


The books are not in alphabetical order, this proves that the batman comic was placed there specifically for the picture!




(Perhaps I should’ve left the artistry to the forensic artist…)


Now hold it right there! It doesn’t matter which direction the paper is going because it’s impossible to prove it even exists!


Those theories are all the same! We do not have enough information to prove them. There could be an infinite amount of papers in there for all we know. I simply presented them only so that the court could better understand your baseless conjecture!


… I suppose the order of the books do seem out of the ordinary. However, therein lies not just one possibility. Clearly, those are Japanese graphic novels, also known as “manga”. And the Batman comic book is a graphic novel, too, no?


Seeing as it currently has only graphic novels in the shelf, it is possible that any other novels have simply not yet been restocked. Asserting whether or not this effect was deliberate is useless– there is no way of knowing if the photographer and the captioner are the same person, let alone their involvement in this picture.


Face it Wright, you can’t prove any of these groundless accusations!

Did everyone just ignore the library sticker?


I’ve seen this before but Phoenix and Edgeworth fighting makes everything infinitely better. <3

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April 30 2015


April 24 2015

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April 01 2015

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March 21 2015

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February 27 2015

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February 04 2015

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January 11 2015


As you may have heard, actress Scarlett Johansson recently signed a deal to star in DreamWorks’ upcoming adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese transmedia franchise that began as a cyberpunk manga by Masamune Shirow (the author’s pen name) in 1989.

There’s a Ghost in the Shell poster hanging above my desk, in my office. (It hangs next to the Nine Inch Nails poster and the Hollow Ichigo mask from Bleach.) I’m a nerd, and I’m first and foremost an anime nerd. This is why my novels are peppered with anime jokes. I got into anime in high school, when a friend of mine used the story of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to come out to me. She got me hooked on fansubs, and suddenly I was that annoying person who was comparing Cowboy Bebop to The Great Gatsby. (A totally justifiable comparison, by the way. Look it up.) Some of my favourite memories of high school and college involve late nights, fansubs, and popcorn.  I was even the VP of my university’s anime club. (I got laid less in university than I did in high school.)

I love Ghost in the Shell. I think more people should read or watch it. My favourite incarnation of the franchise is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, a 52-episode anime series that actually takes the implications of a fully cyborg future seriously. Whenever someone asks me about great science fiction television, I tell them to watch that show. It takes less time and is far more satisfying than either Lost or BSG. (The female prime minister doesn’t randomly push back all the progress of feminism at the end, which is nice.) Sometimes when I’m wondering how to fully live in a given premise, I put in one of my dvds and watch a few episodes. It’s so richly imagined, so thoroughly detailed, and yet so very human that I find myself loving Motoko Kusanagi all over again.

Kusanagi, by the way, is Japanese for “grass-cutter.” It’s the name of a holy sword, one of three sacred treasures guarded by the Japanese imperial family. The god Susanoo found it in the body of an eight-headed serpent and presented it to his sister, the goddess Amaterasu, to end his exile from heaven. Amaterasu gave it, along with the mirror and jeweled necklace that lured her from her cave and returned light to the world, to Ninigi, her descendant and the first emperor of Japan. Naming your protagonist after it is like naming her Sangraal, or Cross. For Shirow, who named himself after a 13th-century master swordsmith, it was fitting. After all, he forged the Kusanagi we have known and loved for almost thirty years.

You learn these things, when you’re interested in taking a culture on its own terms. You learn that the Japanese root words for “human” and “puppet” are the same, which is important to a story with a villain named “The Puppetmaster.” If you’re like me, you read all the academic analyses of the story that you can, and then publish your own. Then you write a novel about humanoid robots who look like each other, about the challenges of replication in a world bereft of authenticity. If you’re the Wachowkis, you make a movie about master hackers who can learn kung-fu by downloading it. You find a way to make the story your own. You write a love letter to it. You create an homage.

What you don’t do is cast a white woman in a Japanese woman’s role.

I really like Scarlett Johansson’s work. I thought she absolutely killed it in Under the Skin, a role so cold she already feels like a woman inhabiting a cyborg shell. I thought she was perfect in Lost in Translation — and not just because I identified so strongly with her character. And I think that her signing this deal is absolutely the right choice for her. After all, it’s not like Marvel has given her (or us) the Black Widow movie everyone’s been asking for. She’s a bankable action star in a field that gives women an average of ten years of work. Like a professional athlete, she has to work while she still can. So this is an obvious choice to make. (And it’s exactly the choice you make when you’re pissed at Disney/Marvel for refusing to commit. And then inform your team to make a huge deal about. “Oh, hey, look at this internationally-beloved multiplatform franchise Scarlett’s carrying! It could do really well in Asian markets. But hey, get back to us when you feel like it.”)

And there’s an argument that this can work — Live Die Repeat anglicized the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill, and single-handedly turned Emily Blunt into an action star. But I have to say that one of the things I loved about Ghost in the Shell was how it opened my world to new ideas about identity and autonomy. It gave me a language for understanding myself. In high school, it showed me an image of a powerful woman who was primarily interested in her own self-discovery and actively concerned about her personal freedom. I needed her. And I think the only reason she was what I needed is because she came from another place. Like my friend who could only find representation as a lesbian in a half-hour Japanese superhero cartoon, I couldn’t really find someone like me on American tv. I wasn’t a Buffy, or a Joey. But Kusanagi was exactly the sort of person that I desperately wanted to be.

Now imagine how I might have felt if I were actually Japanese-American. Or one of the many visible minorities who identify as Asian and have been watching the same Ming-Na Wen and Michelle Yeoh movies over and over. I mean, for Christ’s sake, Rinko Kikuchi is right there. Tao Okamoto is right there. Maggie Q has name recognition in the States. And so does Olivia Munn — who actually speaks fluent Japanese. There were options. Now there are just excuses.

About that new Ghost in the Shell movie
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December 16 2014

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Ah, Ramen. The instant stuff weeaboos and college kids eat almost 3 times a day. What a treasure. 

You know what I’m gonna teach you what to make? Ramen that isn’t instant, and doesn’t taste like you poured an entire fucking salt shaker into your fucking bowl. God damn…MSG, amirite?

Anyway, this recipes like pretty fucking delish, so we’re gonna have a pretty rad time making it, okay?



Ponyo-style Ramen
(servings: 1 bowl)
adapted from: x

Ingredients for Home made noodles-

  • 3/4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 tsp salt (plus more to taste)
  • ~1 Tbsp water (or more give or take)

Ingredients for soup-

  • 2 cups pork or vegetable broth*
  • 1 Tbsp fresh miso paste
  • 1 tsp soy sauce (add more if you want it to be saltier)
  • 1/4 tsp dashi granules
  • 1/4 cup fresh bean sprouts

Ingredients for toppings-

  • 1/2 scallion stalk
  • 1 egg, hard boiled
  • 1 piece of thick cut ham sliced in half
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil


Procedure for noodles-

  • Mix all of the dry ingredients together and make a small ‘well’ in the center of the mixture.
  • Mix all of the wet ingredients together and pour the mixture into the center ‘well’ of the dry ingredients.
  • Slowly combine the ingredients together until it becomes a hard dough.
  • Knead that dough hardcore motherfucker. Knead it the same way you need every little bit of merch with your waifu’s face on it. Yeah I know i said ‘need’ instead of ‘knead’. Fight me. I dare you.
  • Roll it into a ball and test the consistency. If it’s WAY too stick, add some flour, if it’s really hard and not sticky at all, add a TEENY bit of water. The dough should only be a tiny bit sticky, like not enough to stick anyway, u feel me
  • Once the doughs at the right consistency, wrap the dough ball in a dish towel and let that shit rest for like an hour. You rocked it’s work, tiger, and now it just needs to recharge a little. Am I implying you had sexual relations with a noodle? Yes. sort of. It’s been a long day.
  • Take the dough ball once it’s rested and sprinkle flour over that shit. Make it rain, holla. place it on a flour’d counter and use a rolling pin to flatten it out. Like real talk. 
  • If the dough starts sticking during the rolling process, slap some more flour on that shit.
  • Put the dough sheet on your cutting board and spread a bunch of flour over it. Real talk, get reaaaaaal liberal about your flour use here. You DO NOT want your noodles sticking together once we cut them.
  • Fold the sheet two times in the same direction, spreading flour over the sheet each time you fold it.
  • Once it’s folded, start cutting it into thin noodles. If you think it’s going to start stick, add some more flour onto that biz.
  • Once you’re done cutting them and you have a huge ass pile of noodles, toy at them a little with your fingers to unfold and separate them a bit. Then toss that shit around with some more flour.
  • Get some water bowling, enough to cover all the noodles, and just sort of sprinkle the noodles in. If you plop em all in they’ll stick and shit, so don’t do that. 
  • Cook for abot 4 minutes, tasting a noodle occasionally to see if they’re done. I like undercooking mine a tiny bit so they fully cook in the soup.
  • Once they’re done cooking, strain them and place them in the bowl you’re gonna eat from. 
  • And bam. You finished the noodles. Are you proud of yourself? Do you want a hug? Fuck off, we’re not done yet ho we still got a WORLD of shit to finish before you can eat this mystical creation based off of Miyazaki’s food porn masterpiece.

Procedure for Soup-

  • In a medium sized pot, add the stock, dashi, and soy sauce. Bring it to a boil over high heat.
  • Remove from heat and stir in the miso. If you want to add more miso or something, fuckin go for it, it’s your life.
  • Add the bean sprouts in now so they warm up a little. Pour the soup into the bowl of noodles and stir it around so the bean sprouts and noodles are all intertwined.

Oh hot damn. You finished dat soup. Wow. how cool are you? Not that cool yet, because you still need to do the last few toppings you lil shitbaby.

Procedure for toppings-

  • Pour enough water to cover an egg into a small pot and bring to a boil. Once boiling, place the egg in gently and let it stay there for like 10 minutes.
  • Once the egg’s cooked for about 10 minutes, take that shit out and place it in a small bowl of ice water so it can cool down.
  • Once it’s cooled, remove the shell and cut it in half vertically. Place one of the halves on top of the ramen and eat the other one yourself with a sprinkle of salt because you deserve it. Love yourself a little.
  • Get some thick cut ham slices, like the thickest you can find, get a piece and cut it in half. Drizzle a frying pan with olive oil and let it heat up before placing the ham slices on there. 
  • Cook until heated up but not browned and place atop the noodles.
  • Thinly dice half the chive stock and place it atop the noodles as well.



No seriously, put that shit in MOMA and it will probably sell a lot quicker than like, fuckin, idk, cubism or whatever. Because Ramen always tastes better than oil paint, trust me.

Alright nerds, that’s Ponyo’s Ramen for you, enjoy eating literally 10 bowls of it while crying over fucking fish people you sad piece of trash.


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December 14 2014

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December 12 2014

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November 09 2014

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August 20 2014

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July 06 2014

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