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November 06 2014

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June 19 2014

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June 10 2014

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June 01 2014

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April 03 2014


April 02 2014


April 01 2014

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February 03 2014

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How to cover up tattoos!

  • use a red lipstick covering the outlines
  • pat on a light concealer, using a setting powder
  • pat on your skin tone concealer, and clean up any mistakes using baby wipes to remove excess concealer
  • use a fluffy brush and smooth it out with foundation powder.

we don’t usually reblog/post cosplay stuff, but a friend pointed it out to me and i haven’t seen it elsewhere SO maybe it can help someone!

Useful for cosplay AND if you’re applying for a job that views tattoos as ‘unprofessional’. 

Also good for hickeys

January 11 2014

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Solid colour tights


I’ve never come across such a wide variety of colours in tights!
Here’s a link to their colour guide to help find the perfect shade.

These tights are AWESOME for cosplay.  I have a pair in one of the blues for Cteno, they’re surprisingly opaque and stand up pretty well to wear!!!  I imagine they’d be EXCELLENT for modding into arm covers too.

!!! i can’t believe i didn’t know about this store before now! i just looked on their website and besides this they also have lots of other tights & leggings in patterns (stripes, checkerboard, tie-dye) with just as many colors. and a lot of their styles have a plus size version as well. looks like a really good place.

They also carry dancewear, fishnets and men’s tights. I love this site so much. It is really reliable

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January 10 2014

The color comes from Thiocyanatoiron ions. Skin was rubbed with a cotton ball soaked with a solution of thiocyanate ions, and that knife was covered with a solution from of iron(III), which has yellowish color. When solutions have combined, these ions reacted together forming blood red [Fe(SCN)]2+.
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December 08 2013



Victorian Star Trek uniforms. This makes me happy on several nerdy levels. Source.

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November 28 2013


Now You Can Learn To Craft Gorgeous Fantasy Cosplay Armor For Next To Nothing

the book of cosplay armor making

Svetlana Quindt is the name behind the face of Kamui Cosplay and she’s also one heck of a cosplay armor maker.

When you can take something that looks like a roll of butcher paper (it’s actually a modelling and crafting thermoplastic called Worbla) and turn it into a set of armor and some kickass weapons — well, you have the kind of skill and patience to teach others as long as you’re willing to share your tricks of the trade.

In this case, Svetlana is willing and she’s written an e-book, which is available for download now.

Take the time to check out pictures of her work after the break. The word “astonishing” doesn’t cover it.

cosplay armor 1

cosplay armor 2

cosplay armor 3

cosplay armor 4

cosplay armor 5

cosplay armor 6

cosplay armor 7

cosplay armor 8

cosplay armor 9

Product Page ($5 via CosGeek)

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November 25 2013


Makeup Incredibly Transforms Faces Into Iconic 2D Prints


facepainting pixels

mickey mouse face paint

roy lichetenstien face painting

“2D Or Not 2D” is the second collaborative project between Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan, with the addition of Veronica Ershova who assisted in retouching and post-production of the images. Inspired by two-dimensional posters, the aim of the project was to transform models’ faces into 2D images that re-imagine the work of some well-known sketch, graphic, watercolor, and oil painting artists such as Lichtenstein, Basquiat, and Mondrian. Kutsan’s makeup design and application flattens the faces of the models, while the angles chosen by Khokhlov and enhanced by Ershova contribute to the overall illusion of two-dimensional representation.

The other 2D project (more images shown toward the bottom of this post) Khokhlov and Kutsan collaborated on was a series of monochrome prints titled “Weird Beauty” of painted faces that feature corporate logos, QR codes, and other prominent modern imagery.

You can watch a trailer for the “2D Or Not 2D” project here. (via fast company design and behance)

painting halloween face kutsanmakeup7 kutsanmakeup6 kutsanmakeup2  kutsanmakeup12 kutsanmakeup13



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November 04 2013

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My friend spotted this at Walmart!

- funny tumblr

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November 01 2013


October 30 2013

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1 Flannel Shirt, 7 Halloween Costumes | Art of Manliness

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October 29 2013

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Aaand the award "Most courageous Halloween costume 2013" goes to...
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October 27 2013


October 22 2013

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When life hands you lemons... become a flamingo.
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