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February 28 2014


June 27 2012

Joining a corp (=guild) in Eve Online
Tags: eve webcomic mmo

March 09 2012

Drakes on a plane

February 13 2012


The 7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Online Gaming |

7 MMO events that show how the dick side of gaming. Includes:
EVE Online (heist; scam)
World of Warcraft (event gets out of control due to players; attacking a funeral)
Everquest (players close killing the unkillable and subsequent dick move by developer)
Ultima Online (killing the inventor)
Second Life (crashing public live in-game event twice)
Tags: videogame eve mmo

The 7 Most Elaborate Dick Moves in Online Gaming History

7 unplanned (player-driven) MMO events that kind of enriched their respective MMOs.Includes:
Runescape (glitch, moral decay)
Everquest (empowered mentoring user; punishing dickish behaviour)
Ultima Online (exploit, ransoming the developer, subsequent patch)
Asherons's Call (defeating Admin avatars, subsequent acknowledgement of defeat in-game)
EVE Online (in-game annihilation of real money)
World of Warcraft (player character kind of becomes Boss with FAQs to defeat/circumvent him)
Tags: videogame eve mmo
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