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June 04 2015


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June 01 2015


10 Captivating Short Stories Everyone Should Read


1. The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell — The story of a big game hunter finding himself stranded on an island and becoming the hunted.

2. The Last Question by Isaac Asimov — A question is posed to a supercomputer that does not get answered until the end days of man.

3. The Last Answer by Isaac Asimov — A man passes away and has a conversation with the Voice in the afterlife.

4. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman — A collection of journal entries written by a woman whose physician husband has confined her to the upstairs bedroom of the house.

5. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson — The story of one small town’s ritual know only as “the lottery.”

6. Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway — A couple has a tension-filled conversation at a train station in Spain.

7. All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury — A group of schoolchildren live on Venus where the Sun is visible for only two hours every seven years.

8. Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut — It is the year 2081, and all Americans are equal in every possible way.

9. The Monkey by Stephen King — The story of a cymbal-banging monkey toy that controls the lives around it.

10. We Can Get Them For You Wholesale by Neil Gaiman — A man named Peter searches the phone book for an assassin to kill his unfaithful fiancée.

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May 04 2015


My heart is not flawed. I'm just Aromantic.*


*Consider this my ‘coming out’.

I’ve known for many years that I don’t feel romantic love. I have good friends, but I’m not sure I’ve ever loved anybody except maybe my sister. I’m an extremely sexual person, though, so I always thought something was terribly wrong with me. How could I be having these experiences with women and not developing feelings for any of them? What kind of bastard did that make me? I cared about them, I wanted them to be happy, I respected their bodies and their feelings, but when the time came to walk away, it was only the sadness of leaving behind a friend. Nothing was tugging at my heart.

No one could understand why I wouldn’t get into relationships with them and it was so hard to tell them, “Because I will never love you. We can have sex, it will be wonderful sex, and we can have fun and go to movies, but I am incapable of loving.” No one believes you, especially because the rural area I come from hardly even understands gays and lesbians, let alone anything else on the spectrum. I had never heard of being aromantic. When I was learning English, I learned to say, “My heart is flawed,” and for many years I used that. It’s even one of my tumblr tags. But girls get insulted, they think that it’s them, or guys tell you that you just need to find ‘the right one’ and I just feel broken all the time.

But then I joined Tumblr and for the first time, heard words like ‘cis’ and 'gender fluid’ and, finally, 'aromantic’. And so I googled it and I swear, I laughed so hard I almost cried. It was the first time hearing that I wasn’t broken, that this happens to other people. And that night, I told my best friend, we had a serious conversation and I showed her the Tumblr posts and I said to her, “Look, there’s a word for me, I’m not broken.” And she hugged me and said, “No, Erich, you’re not broken.”

And this is very important to me, because I’m a feminist and a big supporter of body-positivity and I felt like huge hypotcrit every time I am posting something that says, “Love yourself” or “Just be you” because how could I be encouraging other people to accept who they were and feel right in their own skin if I was repeatedly describing my own heart as 'flawed’?

But for a long time, I still didn’t do anything. I finally put a tiny 'aromantic pride’ button on my tumblr, like I hoped no one would notice, but how could I say I had pride when my Tumblr description still said 'my heart is flawed’?

So I finally changed it. Today. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a big deal to me.

I’ve told several friends and they’re very supportive, even if some of them don’t understand. But this is okay, because I have enough things stacked against me without me calling a part of me 'flawed’.

I will never 'love’ myself. But that’s the point. I don’t have to because I don’t feel love and that’s okay. I can like myself and I can be content that just because I’m not like other people doesn’t mean that I’m not a complete, healthy, happy man.

I am not broken. My heart is not flawed. I’m just aromantic.

You are not broken or flawed. You are just free, in a way that few of us are. You are a strong, sensitive, caring, passionate human being who truly respects women. In my opinion, the romantically “normal” men who wander around treating women badly are the ones whose hearts are flawed. Not you. You’re awesome. And I’m glad you’re finally starting to understand this.

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January 03 2015

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December 20 2014


October 10 2014



I remember you.

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September 17 2014

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July 28 2014


July 08 2014


June 11 2014


April 23 2014

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April 16 2014

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March 30 2014

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March 10 2014


February 27 2014


February 08 2014

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Love stories about monsters


love stories about monsters are THE BEST because the idea of conceptualizing love in a way that is not human and fundamentally cannot be human and is AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE LEVEL FROM THE HUMAN is so great. 

made better when one half of the relationship is human and suddenly we’re dealing with a) a human learning to love like a monster or b) a monster learning to translate their love into human terms and that’s

the best thing

to me.

which often goes hand in hand with MONSTER TRYING TO HUMANIZE THEMSELVES but that’s.. not necessary, don’t worry monster, you don’t need to do that. your capacity for love does not need to be whittled and softened into a human shape. it’s okay. your heart can be brutal and all consuming. you will learn to cope and you will learn to funnel it, pieces at a time, into something conceivable and measurable to the human mind. 

and i don’t strictly mean monster monsters because there’s room here for divinity (alpha and omega, first and last, holy terror OF THE HEART. apocalypses OF FEELING.) or ghosts, or non-human, non-monster outliers (superheroes, androids, idek), or even human beings who are self-made monsters and whose expression and understanding of love is two steps removed and two shades off. 

but, you know what i mean. 

love stories about monsters.


“monster trying to humanize themselves”

What about ‘human trying to monsterize themselves’? That sounds amazing. Oh my gosh.

Imagine a human gal and her minotaur boyfriend, and although their relationship is strong and they’ve been together for a while, he just keeps. On. Trying. To ‘be a real human’ for her. And it’s really frustrating to her because she knows he’s doing it because he loves her and his heart’s in the right place and he seems to be really earnest in his attempts to ‘better’ himself, but there’s only so many times you can watch your boyfriend struggle to put on a shirt and stumble as he tries to force himself to walk platigrade.

So one day he comes home from the Real Human Job he got in hopes of impressing her (it’s selling ice cream) to find that she’s completely rearranged all the furniture. At first he’s kinda mad, like, hey, why’d you do that?? but then he realizes she’s rearranged it all into- here’s the kicker- a maze, or one might even say, a labyrinth.

And he’s getting tentatively excited because it’s a labyrinth! Minotaurs love labyrinths and as he goes through it he gets happier and happier, but he’s also more and more nervous because oh man, is she okay? Did someone break in and do this to her? Is this a trap?

But then he sees her, right in the heart of the labyrinth, crouching over a heap of raw flesh and her arms and face stained with blood, and they don’t need to say anything to know that their love is beyond humanity and into the stories told around campfires.


i fucking love you sometimes

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