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March 25 2015

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Dr. Mae Jemison, MD, the first black woman in space and first actual astronaut to appear on a Star Trek show, one of the very few people on this planet of whom two pictures can be posted depicting them doing their job on a spaceship with entirely different contexts.

Holy shit this is a serious contender for the best post I’ve ever seen on tumblr.

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February 15 2015




i think a lot of people forget that you can actually still come across as confident and have social anxiety



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is that you hobby lobby

Am I the only one that’s a just a tiny bit pissed off that this is still an issue?

The Original Series wasn’t even in the general VICINITY of fucking around yo

OKAY, so you know I care about reboot and all, despite its problems, because that shit got me into Star Trek in the first place. But you wanna know its major problem? It’s not good science fiction. It’s an action movie in space. GOOD science fiction is the original fucking series, right here.

They took a social issue that was HIGHLY TABOO and made a show about it because you can get away with that kind of thing by putting it on another planet and just having the Enterprise point the bullshit out. It’s 2014 and this argument is sadly still relevant. And do you know why it’s still relevant? Because the average person isn’t well-educated in social issues. They’re well-educated in summer blockbusters. We need more science fiction that broadens the mind and just doesn’t pit good vs. evil. Star Wars is where you go for great action adventure, good vs. evil. Star Trek was wholly separate because it was concerned with the human condition and the state of the future.

In short, I will roundhouse kick anyone in the face that calls the original series a silly 60s camp show with no entertainment value. It made me contemplate my very existence and it did so on the budget of a bologna sandwich.

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I’m just gonna put this out there



Rereblogging because Jen Williams (SennyDreadful on Twitter) was talking about how awesome early TNG was, and it reminded me of this.

Yup, that’s a dude in a mini-dress uniform (or possibly a non-binary ensign in a mini-dress uniform) casually walking by in front of two poc ladies holding hands, in what 1987 thought the future could be.

Remember when we thought equality was something we were gradually building towards?

I mean, I know they were still a long way off from a gay main character, but you can see they were dreaming about going somewhere more radical.

RIP mini-dress uniform for all body-types.

In Search of the Happiness Max, I'm just gonna put this out there
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I just learned that Nichelle Nichols ad-libbed “sorry, neither” in rehearsals and they were only able to sneak it by the censors because it wasn’t in the script and—excuse me I’m overcome with happiness because my favorite Uhura line of all time was actually written by Uhura.

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Apprently today I’m in the mood to contradict widely believed myths about Kirk’s personality.

So this conversation establishes that a) Kirk was a book-smart nerd at the Academy (?!) and b) he was not a womanizer, but actually shied away from relationships—and then committed too fast and too far in his first serious one. Which, at the very beginning of the series, he finds out was a manipulated set-up. HeyI don’t know, maybe that’s gonna give him some intimacy hangups and affect his behavior with women going forward?

Basically I am out to prove that Kirk is a giant sweet nerd and all his flaws are due to being emotionally damaged by douchebags with tin-foil eyes and their lab-assistant floozie pawns.

(Also, as a grad student who teaches undergrads, I am here to tell you that undergrad Mitchell going to apparently great lengths to set his grad student teacher up with a woman is So Fucking Weird.)

Call Kirk a ditzy womanizing manwhore within my hearing and I will end your life painfully.

Seriously I will fucking organize a transporter malfunction like in the Motion Picture and it will be ugly.

(better image resolution @ source)
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February 08 2014

Star Trek recruitment posters by Ortiz. Available from
Star Trek recruitment posters by Ortiz. Available from
Star Trek recruitment posters by Ortiz. Available from
Vulcan Salute
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February 02 2014

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Faster than Light: Warp Drive - SpaceVision 2013

'Faster than Light -- Warp Drive -- Is it possible to travel faster than light? NASA's Advanced Propulsion Lead, Dr. Harold White, has modified a previously unsuccessful FTL model called the Alcubbierre Drive, and has successfully proven that faster than light travel might just be possible. Join Dr. White to discuss the hard facts behind this technology as well as road-blocks to exploring our closest stars.'

Further reading:
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January 18 2014


January 16 2014

   Make it slow   
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January 10 2014


December 08 2013



Victorian Star Trek uniforms. This makes me happy on several nerdy levels. Source.

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November 05 2013


Someone requested a post of all of the current Strong Female Characters, so here you go.

prints are available here.

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October 24 2013


October 23 2013


5 Year Mission Continues After 45 Year Hiatus

star trek continues

There have been many iterations of the Star Trek franchise since the original Star Trek 5 year mission series aired in 1966 including a cartoon series in 73, a new television series in 87 and many movies on the big screen. Those series and movies inspired many youngsters to pursue a career in the fields of science, engineering, technology and cinema. Now the franchise is coming full circle with a fan based Kickstarter funded web series. Those inspired fans are attempting to complete the original 5 year mission “to boldly go where no man has gone before”, which ended after only three seasons on the air. The fan based and fan supported reincarnation is cleverly titled “Star Trek Continues” and has CBS’s consent.

The production company behind this effort, [Far From Home, LLC], is owned and operated by [Vic Mignogna], who also plays Kirk in this web series. They have already finished the first amazing 51 minute web-isode titled “Pilgrim of Eternity“. The film may seem campy, but it’s not. They are sticking to the original format and using the sets that were used in the sixties, rightfully so being this is the continuation of the mission. This new web series has some very interesting actors. One is the well-known Mythbuster [Grant Imahara], who plays the role of Mr. Sulu. The actor playing Mr. Scott is [Chris Doohan] the son of [James Doohan], who played Mr. Scott in the original Star Trek series.

There are more details and episode 1 after the break.

Those not old enough to experience the original television series may not fully understand or appreciate how important sticking to the exact studio sets, simple props, sound tracks and cheesy video effects is to the completion of this passionate project. Truly “less is more” when making such a perfect reenactment of a vintage TV production. If only we had some tin trays with tinfoil covered meals it would be perfection!

This may be a project of passion but it also costs real dollars to produce and keep the mission on Trek. The Kickstarter linked above seeks to help fund the next three episodes. If they are as good as the first, they will be worth every bit of scratch you can part with. One reward level was a Blu-ray of episode 1 for $50, that would have been a great stocking stuffer. Unfortunately this reward was pulled, but there is some chatter in the comments about bringing it back. At the time of writing this article, they aren’t quite halfway to their $100,000 goal. Maybe they will bring back the Blu-ray reward and we can push them across the finish line.

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September 26 2013

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This is a gif that should be in every Trekkie’s blog 

That right there is my idol! She went in for a double ass slap and did is flawlessly

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and it just keeps getting better the longer I watch it.

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September 25 2013

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Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch as Uni flatmates.

Is this real?


And Andrew Scott (x)

Reblogging this every time

this is AMAZING. 




And Then You’ve got the Neighbors:


No uni’s complete without the professors ;)

It got better.

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